About Us

FullSkill is a unique platform that uses data-driven suggestions to help candidates improve their resumes and exponentially increase their odds of landing a job. We're passionate about breaking the status quo in upskilling and recruitment. We're on a mission to democratize the hiring data to help candidates realize their best selves.​

Nandini Muthuraman - CFO
Sempon Sibi Kabilan - CEO

Our Story

We understand the actual challenges you're dealing with and devise the ideal job trajectories and action plans to assist you to overcome difficulties and thrive.

We’re a group of veteran tech professionals and mentors determined to help students get a clear understanding of the industry. 

Meet Our Coaches

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Experienced university lecturer and algorithms mentor, Shanuja is the go to DSA expert.


Database & Backend developer currently, Shreyans loves to help students understand the complexities and joys of computer interaction.


From IT to Digital Marketing, Elisha has done it all and is one of our top coaches.

RC Vignesh

Career support & IT professional, RC has the nuances of the interview process down.